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Stompin’ Tom. There isn’t a Canadian who doesn’t know him. They know him because he once wrote a song about their home town, or about the beautiful country we live in. They know him as a man who loves Canada as much as anyone who has ever lived here.

But what do Canadians really know about the man they call Stompin’ Tom, the Canadian Legend?

In this unforgettable memoir of his first thirty-one years, Tom Connors tells the real story behind the man in the black hat: born to an unwed teenager in Saint John, New Brunswick, he was hitchhiking with her by the age of three, begging on the streets by the age of four. Life in two orphanages and a foster home was followed by hard years on the road after Tom ran away at the age of thirteen. But always he had his guitar, his songs, and a dream…

“Straightforward, lucid…a great read.”Saturday Night

“An inspiring look at the life of a man whose recognition is long overdue.”The Ottawa Citizen

“This is a story of the triumph of a human spirit.”Quill & Quire

“A must for any Canadian country music fan’s library.” Country Music News

“A heartfelt, often achingly sad account of a childhood spent in poverty, squalor, loneliness and dejection.”The Vancouver Sun

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